Forestbucker™ for forest value recovery

Proven software:

The Profile-it 3D scanning software has been used in commercial production for more than 6 years and has scanned more than 2 million stems to date.

The system is designed to work with current logging equipment and machinery, from the small logging contractor to large sawmill operations.

Profile-it 3D stem and log scan software

  • True-shape 3D scanning of stems or logs
  • True-shape and JAS volume scaling
  • Sweep, wobble and diameter calculation
  • Automatic stem start and end detection
  • Defect recognition using deep learning
  • Tree-length optimisation (for maximum value recovery)
  • Scanners can be mounted stationary or on a scanner trolley
  • Display and record images and video of the stem
  • SQL server database for real-time reporting and analyses
  • StanForD compatible
  • Interface with current logging equipment and machinery
  • The software can be customised to your requirements

Forestbucker Web Service

Forestry operations monitoring and reporting
  • Securely connect all stakeholders from any location to the Web Service
  • Real-time production and operations reporting
  • StanForD compatibility to work with current harvesters
  • Access new harvest and cutting instructions from any location
  • Record downtime events
  • Operational statistics is automatically collected and recorded
  • When an internet connection becomes available all data is automatically synchronized to the Web Service

The Web Service can be integrated into any forestry operation.
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Production recording with smartphone

  • Well suited for motor manual log-making and silviculture operations
  • Record stem volume processed and volume by log-grade
  • Record working hours and downtime
  • Remotely receive updated cutting instructions
  • Remotely receive updated harvest schedules
  • Integrate with Forestbucker Web Service for real-time reporting

Forestbucker Stem Scanner

Forestbucker Stem Scanner is a portable tree stem scanner and value optimiser. The system will automatically scan and scale a delimbed tree and then calculate the optimal log-grade solution for the stem. ForestBucker is designed to operate at or near the tree harvesting site. Read more...

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