Profile-it 3D stem and log scan software

Profile-it 3D™ Key features:
  • True-shape 3D scanning
  • True-shape and JAS volume scaling
  • Sweep, wobble and diameter calculation
  • Automatic stem start and end detection
  • Defect recognition using deep learning
  • Tree-length optimisation (for maximum value recovery)
  • Scanners can be mounted stationary or on a scanner trolley
  • Display and record images and video of the stem
  • SQL server database for real-time reporting and analyses
  • StanForD compatible
  • Interface with current logging equipment and machinery
  • The software can be customized to your requirements

Easy to set-up and configure

Log Grade Manager is a Microsoft Access application used for creating log-grades, cut-plans and process-instructions. Log Grade Manager is used to centrally manage and control output production of log products and volumes.

Step 1 enter grade information.
Step 2 create cut-plans.
Step 3 create process rules by assigning cut-plans to stands and harvest crews.
Step 4 publish a process instruction to make it available to the processing crew.

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Video cameras

Two video cameras mounted on the trolley provide video and images of the stem to enable the operator to record stem properties like knots and defects. A third camera can optionally be mounted above the stem to give a 360° view around the stem. The video data is recorded for future analyses or to allow the operator to visually assess or analyse the current stem while ForestBucker automatically scans the next stem and record its video data.

Defect gauge lines

The defect size gauge lines can be set to the defect sizes that are in use. The gauge lines are automatically adjusted, based on the camera distance to the stem, to always provide accurate measurements.

Profile scanners

Two scanners will provide good data for sweep and wobble measurement and for basic diameter calculation. To get a complete 360° true shape profile of the stem, require 3 or more profile scanners. The Forestbucker Profile-it 3D software makes provision for adding additional profile scanners to the system if required.

Typical scanner mounting frame for chain conveyor system.
Scanning operates as independent subsystem.

The JS-20 MX100oe is well suited for outdoor use.
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We can customise the software for your specific requirements. Contact Us for more information.


ForestBucker™ is a portable tree stem scanner and value optimiser that use the Profile-it 3D software.

The system scan and scale a delimbed tree and then calculate the optimal log-grade solution for the stem.

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